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Your Multi Chain Access Pass Into The Gloomiverse 

Enter The Gloomiverse

The Gloomiverse embodies a range of dApps and products crafted by Gloom Labs. Among them is a staking rewards dApp designed to incentivize single-side staking for our $GLOOM token, alongside a multi-chain audio client integrated with the Farcaster social graph. Owning a Gloomers NFT unlocks exclusive access to these products + additional perks & rewards.

Quarterly Contests

Chain v Chain Gamificatication

Exclusive Merch

Base • Solana • Optimism • Bitcoin

Multi Chain Collection

Gloomers is a 10k PFP Collection that is doing something no other project has done before - we're launching simultaneously across 3 blockchains Base, Solana and Optimism with teleburning from OP to Bitcoin! 

Gloomers Multichain.png

Meet The Artist

Mr Seaks

A renowned motion designer with an impressive portfolio featuring projects for CoinBase, YouTube, Warner Bros, and (RED), MrSEAKs has been an active and engaged figure in the crypto art scene since 2021. This collaboration represents the fusion of crypto and artistic expression, as SEAKS's unique vision merges with the essence of Gloom.


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